Cape Fear Rocks


"Intense Council" delivers the goods at Raliegh, NC show

Article by: Darrin G

Intense Council is a hard driving, head banging oriented 80's rock cover band. Their influences run the gamut from Guns & Roses to Motley Crue; Johnny Cash to Ozzy.  Their Front man, Michael Shaeilik, is a living recreation of Robert Plant. His vocal range of octaves unimaginable to the mere mortal. I watched him tackle the most difficult Zeppelin tunes and follow up with a smorgasbord of Dio and Skid Row. Simply amazing! Their drummer David Attick plays drums as if sending a rallying cry for all miscreants to unite. Hard hitting, double bass playing thunder. Perfect for hard driving, dancing Rock- N-Roll. Steve Carracas, aka The Viking, wields his bass like a Nordic, head-splitting axe. Thunderous lows coupled with clear intricate highs produces a menagerie of low decibel excitement. Unfortunately, standing at 6'-5", and plugged into a wireless, The Viking, armed with axe in hand, likes to rummage through the audience looking for his next victim. If approaching your table, simply duck underneath until he passes. Chris Rollic, well, he's the whacked-out guitarist with unbridled energy.  A lot of fellow guitarist from the Raleigh area come watch this guy play. Probably to try and learn some of his feverish shredding techniques! These guys are seasoned pro's, high energy, with intense audience involvement. You don't need to listen for very long before you realize that they have been playing together most of their lives.  If you love fist pumping heavy 80's rock you should listen for yourself and find out first hand why  this band of misfits has one of South Eastern NC's  largest following.

Cape Fear Rocks band rating: *****