Cape Fear Rocks


Hot New Band of The Month!

By Darrin Gurganious(Staff writer)

I made my way to local’s tavern on a Saturday night still feeling the effects of Friday night at Carolina beach. The small bar on Market Street was already filling up when I got there and it looked like it was going to be a pretty decent crowd. I found a spot to sit near the side of the stage and awaited the evening to come. I have reviewed quite a few bands over the past month, some good, some not that great. I had never met the band Darkhorse prior to the show, therefore I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know the type of music, how many members were in the band, or any of the song names. All I knew was that in about 25 minutes the band would take to the stage, and I’d either have a great story for February or a reason to down a few extra shots of tequila. From the first song they played I have to admit Darkhorse really impressed me! This band knew such a wide range of contemporary rock and they played it to perfection. Fronting the band was a very talented and very sexy female vocalist named Sarah Huntsman. She got the audience involved from the very start and dancing to every song. Local’s tavern was filled with people listening to great live rock and singing along with the band. The lead guitarist Johnnie Rockit was blazing the stage with some truly great rock and roll riffs that in my opinion were a throwback to the decadent 80's that I grew up in. Not to be out done the bassist, TK Turbo was a hard hitting head banger that kept the music tight and on target. This guy reminded me of why I miss head bangers ball so much. The drummer John Wade was a dynamic showman and his solo is still ringing in my ears as I write this review.

These guys were truly awesome! They transitioned from one great song to another. They played everything from Greenday to Kiss without ever giving the audience a chance to catch their breath. If you love ear numbing live rock as much as I do, I suggest you don't miss the opportunity to hear Darkhorse live. That’s why they are Cape Fear Rocks hot pick for February!