"Faith Collapsing" https://capefearrocks.webs.com/apps/photos/ "Faith Collapsing" Wilmington, NC Faith Collapsing is a Heavy Metal outfit based out of Wilmington NC. The mid tempo tunes hearken back to the days of swirling mosh pits while the speedier tunes display a head banging technical prowess almost forgotten today. Though the band toured extensively in the 1990?s, re-releasing the world renowned demo The Whisper and its equally successful full length CD Lost are first on a long list of goals the band has set for itself. The Collective, Faith Collapsing?s latest release, is the culmination of the band digitally remastering 14 previously released track and 1 unreleased track to obtain optimum digital quality. Currently, the band is finishing up rehearsals for shows to promote The Collective throughout North and South Carolina. These rehearsals have also spawned a bevy of brutal new songs and a new release appears imminent for 2009. https://capefearrocks.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=153373428 153373428