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Do music reviews really matter?

by D Gurganious


I write music criticism with the hopeful assumption that it still matters. I want to believe a positive review can turn people on to a good local band or solo artist, thereby enriching their lives and giving the band or solo performer the attention they deserve, if not also the money they need to keep making great music.

By the same token, I hope negative reviews can steer people away from rote, mediocre artists, thereby saving them a few bucks and prodding musicians to spend more time honing their skills by performing live. What’s at stake is nothing short than the quality of Cape fear's rich and colorful music scene. 

Why does Cape Fear Rocks love local music!

We believe that everyone benefits from a thriving local music scene. You get connected to music you love and you get connected to people in your community. A grass roots scene nurtures great musicians and venues alike. It is accessible, affordable and sustainable for all.

- What does Cape Fear Rocks do?
Collect comprehensive, relevant information about live music in your town.
Build technology to list every show by every artist in every club, bar or café in the Cape Fear area!
Provide effective, affordable tools and services for promoting shows and reaching local music lovers.
The music "industry" only promotes about 1% of all live music.
We support the other 99%.

2013 Winter music series!

Current suscribers: 1877

8 reasons why you should support local musicians:

Wilmington, NC is a great town to live in if you love live entertainment. Unfortunately, too many people choose not to care about local music. They are unaware of all of the positive things that local music events can do for your town, the musicians, and yourself. Below, Cape Fear rocks has compiled eight reasons as to why you should support local music:

1.) Musicians are people just like you.

They might seem like rock stars when on stage, but the reality is that everyone puts their pants on the same way. Musicians are people just like you, and that means that they go through the same exact financial troubles as you and I. When you purchase a t-shirt or album, this helps them continue pursuing their musical passion, which in turn, benefits you because they are producing music for your entertainment.

2.) Local shows are cheaper.
Local Shows: Admission $10-15. T-shirt $10-15.
Major Artist in Charlotte NC: Admission $40+. T-shirt $30-40.

3.) Cultural/..Musical diversity.
When a town has a supportive musical environment, music has a chance to grow and expand. This is good for you, because you have a wide variety of music to choose from.

4.) Pride in your home town.
There is no other town exactly like Wilmington, NC. When we purchase and wear local merchandise, we are showing pride in our home town and our place within our community.

5.) Helps the local economy.
Bands like Machine Gun, Trainwreck and countless others are a healthy part of Wilmington's local economy. When we support them, we are supporting a countless number of business owners and employees: the local bars and venues, the screen printing companies, the record labels, the record stores, etc.

6.) If that band ever became “big”, you can say, “I was there.”
Every band starts out small. There have been multiple music groups that started in small venues who ended up being well-known throughout the country.

7.) Local shows are more personal.
Would you rather be within ten feet of your favorite local musical act, or half a mile away from them at an amphitheater? With local acts, you can usually socialize with the artists before or after their performance absolutely free. With bigger names, you usually have to spend hundreds of dollars to get backstage.

8.) Local musicians are there for you.
Why would a band play in front of others, if not to entertain them? Those people are working for your pleasure. The least you can do is show up and have a good time.

Article by: R Broussard

(Staff writer)

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